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Clivia would like to know: "How did you get your Chemical-X-Powers?" 

6 deviants said Born with them.
4 deviants said By Accident.
2 deviants said I drank C-X/ It was injected (It was my own free will - Answer)
1 deviant said Forced by someone.
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1. Choose a few of your own characters.

2. Ask them the following questions:

Characters chosen:


1. What is your full name?

Clivia -  Clivia von Gier
Lilya - Lilya von Gier
Jasar - Jasar Toreand
Bea - Bea Toreand
Eric - Eric... cant remember my family name. *sighs*

2. Your age?

Clivia - 211 years
Lilya - 210 years
Jasar - 148 years
Bea - ... same as my brother, 148 years.
Eric - I think I´m 220 years old...

3. What's is your darkest secret?

Clivia - Hm? Is drinking someones blood a dark secret?? *smiles*
Lilya - *chuckles* nooo, I am a good girl..... really!
Jasar - There´s no "dark" secret at night... :evillaugh:
Bea - ...
Eric - All of them? Phew! That would be a looong List... *laughs*

4. What were your worst injuries?

Clivia - Well, they blew me up once... *shudders*
Lilya - Maybe the stake that hit me back in the old days.
Jasar - I dont know, there were many...
Bea - ... got some scars when we were hunting.
Eric - ripped my Arm off in 1792. Luckily a friend was able to reattach it.

5. Have you ever tasted foreign foods?

Clivia - Nah, but froreign blood samples... Hmmyummy! *giggles*
Lilya - I would never taste food! Eww! I tried a chewing gum a few years ago... and never again! :bleh:
Jasar - Foods, hah! Bavarian blood tasted good in the old days :D
Bea - Hah! I like the blood in the Somme region more! ^^
Eric - Food... never!

6. Have you ever disobeyed direct orders?

Clivia - WE
Lilya - DONT
Jasar -TAKE
Bea - ORDERS! *grin*
Eric - NEVER! *laughs*

7. Are you single?

Clivia and Eric looking at each other... Emote Cuddle Love 
Lilya - Hey! You two! Dont dream! *hmph*
Jasar- Yes, Single and proud of it! *mwaahahahaharrr*
Bea - Unfortunately, yes. ^^;
Eric - ... erm... what was the question? ;)

8. Do you have diseases?

Clivia - I had the transilvanian Flu some years ago... :sick:-currently me 
Lilya - Oh yes, that was horrible! *eww!*:yuck: 
Jasar - And there is nothing you can do! *bleh!*:ew: 
Bea - Except from lying in your coffin and wait...
Eric - I heard some of our kind have died of it. *sighs*

9. Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Clivia - Yup, since 211 Years and still loving it! *grins*
Lilya - *wtf?*
Jasar - dumb question! *grrrr*
Bea -  .... *lol*
Eric - Hey! I see undead people! *laughs*

10. Have you ever lost some one you cared for?

Clivia - What about nearly our whole family *sighs*
Lilya -  *gets wet eyes and hugs Clivia* .... Support the sadness 
Jasar - Hm, not yet - or I cant remember.
Bea - .... :depressed: rvmp 
Eric - I nearly lost Clivia. *grabs her hand*
Clivia - Thats very kind of you. *smiles and kisses his cheek*
Lilya - *mumbling* ... all they do is flirting and kissing... flirting and kissing... Ewww! :bleh:

11. What sound(s) do you fear the most?

Clivia - Hm, does the sunrise make noises? o.O
Lilya - I dont think so. :ponder: 
Jasar - I FEAR NOTHING! *grrrr!*
Bea -  ... keep calm, Brother - that was just a question. *sighs*
Eric - The Sound of an Avalanche maybe. Crashed my hideout in romania.

12. Is there any person you fear the most?

Clivia - Vampirehunters!
Lilya - *nods*
Bea - Exactly!
Eric - Yup.
Jasar - Pah!....

13. Is there any image(s) you fear the most?

Clivia - All the images of my nightmares.
Lilya - Yes, they are horrible... *shudders*
Jasar - ... *hmph*
Bea - *g* Grumpy little Vampireruffs maybe *giggle*
Eric - *lol*
Jasar - As if you would look different when you are in a bad mood! *grr*
Bea - Youre much better than I! *grins*

14. Have you ever killed somebody for joy ?

Clivia - No, but I killed someone for revenge....
Lilya - .... killing someone for joy?... never!
Jasar - *laughs hysterically*
Bea - ... *watches her brother... fearful*
Eric - Ask the last Vampirehunter. *shrugs*

15. Whats your favorite place ?

Clivia - Townsville! ::excited: 
Lilya - Yaay! Townsville!! :hooray:
Jasar - *nods* Yup, a nice place! :D
Bea - ... Hm, Paris wasnt bad, either :)
Eric - Well, I like the Carpathians.

16. Have you ever been poisoned by accident or purposefully?

Clivia - Yeah..... *stares at Jasar* *angry* Thanks, Jasar!
Lilya - *0-o*
Jasar - Youre welcome, babe! *grins*
Clivia - You.... BABE??? *thinks of ripping Jasars head off and kicking his body into the sunrise...*
Bea - *runs away, scared*
Eric - Jasar... that was such a bad idea... *sighs*

17. Do you have any siblings?

Clivia and Lilya - YEEEES! *hugging*:hug:
Jasar - Yup!
Bea - I am hungry....
Eric - Nope. Never had.

18. Do you have any powers?

Clivia - Summoning bats counts as a power?
Lilya - Hah! I can be very nice! :D The best power of all! :giggle:
Jasar - ... kids... *sighs*
Bea - Well, we all can hypnotize people.
Lilya - I caant... *hmph*
Bea - Youre too undeveloped, I guess.
Lilya - How rude! :stare: 
Eric - We all have one or two special powers.:calmdown: 

19. Have you ever gotten drunk?

Clivia - *bwaaahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!* :rofl:
Lilya - *sighs and shakes her head* :shakehead: 
Jasar - Ohyessss! *grins*
Bea - Not since the last century *g*
Eric - :rofl: You want an answer? :D ;)

20. What are your favorite weapons?

Clivia - *smiles* What do you think?
Lilya - *giggles* Who needs weapons...
Jasar - *laughs*
Bea - *licking her teeth*
Eric - Chose chah may weabbondh *mouth open*

21. What was the worst picture ever drawn of you?

Clivia, Lilya, Jasar, Bea,Eric: OUR FIRST ONE! *looking at KJ* ^^;

22. What was the best picture ever drawn of you?

Clivia - I like many of them :D
Lilya - Too many to choose :)
Jasar - Hey, I need more!
Bea - Haha! I have some good drawings of me! :D
Eric - Same as Clivia ;)

23. What is the craziest thing that happened to you?

Clivia - The Pony Potion Incident! :lol:
Lilya - Yup! :giggle:
Jasar - Ohyes! :nod:
Bea - Craziest thing ever! :D
Eric - Oh yes, but also very interesting! ;)

24. Whats your favorite animal (apart from the taste^^ ) ?

Clivia - Bats! They are soooo CUTE! :aww:
Lilya - My little spider, her nets are wonderful!
Jasar - I like all animals.... if they are fresh! :D
Bea - Owls, I like their singing.
Eric - Bats! Huge swarms of Bats! :evillaugh:

25. Whats your favorite music?

Clivia - Classic
Lilya - I dont listen to music... *bah*
Jasar - Klingon Operas! YAY!
Bea - I dunno.... Clivias Classic LPs are nice... but I dont think I have a favorite music....
Eric - Maybe Classic... but I hear many different things :)

26. Whats your favorite color ?

Clivia - purple!
Lilya - red
Jasar - red....or maybe brown?
Bea - ... well, I like blue...yes.... blue is my favorite...
Eric - Dark Blue.

27. Whats your favorite bloodtype?

Clivia - 0 neg
Lilya - A pos
Jasar - I take what I can catch.... *smiles*
Bea - 0 neg, it smells sooo goood....*hmmmm*
Eric - AB pos, it has something :D

28. Do you have a favorite wood for your coffin?

Clivia - Oak, nothing else.
Lilya - Oak, but its too heavy for me, so I only got Spruce.
Jasar - Yes, oak.
Bea - Birch... its lighter, and its not as heavy as Oak.
Eric - Stone at first ^^ - but Oak is good as well :)

29. What were your last words as a mortal?

Clivia - Its my free will. Three times. Its part of the ceremony.^^;
Lilya - I think I told you to be careful... *looks at Clivia*
Jasar - ... dont wanna think about it.Shake Head No Emote 
Bea - ... *sighs*
Eric -  I think I said: The blood is on me tonight. :D

30. What were your first words after your rebirth?

Clivia - I told Father that I had a headache and a sore throat. ^^
Lilya - I cant remember, but I think it was something about how bright the night was. ^^;
Jasar - ....
Bea - .... :shudder: 
Eric - I ordered a glas of water before I felt my pointy teeth :lol:

31. Who gave you your immortality ?

Clivia - My Father. *sighs*
Lilya - Cliviaaaa! *hugs her*
Jasar - Like I said before - dont wanna talk about.
Bea - *has some tears in her eyes*:shudder: 
Eric - My Uncle. He´s ashes now.

32. Whats inside your coffin ?

Clivia - Books, some Socks and my red Boots... Pencils and Paper, A bottle of... well, I dont tell! :D
Lilya - Paint, Brushes, Some books, too... A cushion, some plushies! ... Aaand some other things. :giggle:
Jasar - I dont need much, a candle, some bottles.... :shrug:
Bea -  make up, toothbrush, some clothes, thats all :)
Eric - Clivia! :D
Clivia - :blush: :giggle:


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Im dirty dan suckas
Mon Jan 19, 2015, 4:28 PM
Darkness falls across the land , The midnight hour is close at hand, Creatures crawl in search of blood, To terrorize y'all's neighbourhood... :evillaugh: ;)
Thu Jan 15, 2015, 6:19 AM
Eenie meenie miney moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollars let it go- I HATE BAD VAMPIRES!!!
Wed Jan 14, 2015, 1:34 PM
Tue Jan 13, 2015, 2:52 PM
good night! seeya! :sleep:
Sun Jan 11, 2015, 2:57 PM
:dance: :party:
Sat Jan 10, 2015, 1:47 AM
Tue Jan 6, 2015, 8:52 PM
Wed Dec 31, 2014, 3:32 PM
Fri Dec 26, 2014, 3:23 PM


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